Biltong – Healthiest Snack for Kids

Where to Get Biltong?

In all over the world, dried and marinated foods almost can be found everywhere. People in the ancient times used to make dried food, so they have food supply during a certain season. Today, the dried food made from meat or fish becomes the snacks for chatting companion.

Different places have different ways of making dried food. Yet, commonly, the way making it is quite easy. Particularly, the Southern Africa’s  biltong is made only with meat, salt, vinegar, coriander, pepper, and paprika. Furthermore, you can use any kind meat to make a portion of biltong. Commonly, biltong is made from beef. However, the game meat is also okay. The game meat is less fatty than beef. Before you purchasing biltong, this information will give you guide about the “real” biltong and where you will find it.

Biltong Vs Jerky

If you never try any biltong before, you need to know its particular characteristics. It is because biltong often mixed with the jerky. These two are actually similar. However, the processes making them are different.  Jerky is smoked, yet the biltong is not.

In terms of size, biltong is thicker than jerky. Jerky is sliced very thin. Furthermore, in terms of spice, biltong uses vinegar, whereas jerky does not. therefore, their tastes are different. Jerky is dried only salt, not vinegar. The textures of both of them are different. Jerky is drier than biltong. Since the biltong is dried with air, it is more moisture than jerky. Furthermore, the enzymes within the biltong will stay alive with such kind of drying.


Where can you get biltong?

Biltong is sold in many food supply stores in South Africa. It is also sold in the form of sticks. Biltong is also commonly sold in plastic wrap. Some stores that especially sell biltong, offer wet, medium, and dry biltong as well.

Biltong is often brought by South African immigrants. Besides making it by yourself, you can purchase biltong in the supermarket. In some countries like UK, Canada, New Zealand, biltong is widely sold. Besides offline stores, you can get biltong from the online stores. In the US and the UK, there are several  biltong outlets you can found.

In the state like the UK, you will easier to find biltong because there are many immigrants from Southern Africa. Meanwhile, in Britain, you may hard to get biltong because their government has rules regulate the meat products from outside EU countries. Although biltong can be found in those countries, not all the cities sell them. You can purchase biltong only in major cities with many populations of Southern African.

Biltong consumption

Although biltong is often consumed as snacks, it is also eaten as the companion of bread or sandwiches. Like it was originally found, biltong can be part of the primary food. Biltong was the main food for ancient Southern Africans and European seafarers.

biltong box

Today, with the high protein consisted within biltong, it is also used as baby teething. With dried method, biltong is still able to preserve the enzymes and protein (about 67%). If you would like to make your own Biltong, You’ll need a biltong box. Click to get more info.