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S.A.V.V.Y Community Action Group

Constitution – Revised at Strategic Management Committee Meeting 13 April 2016



The name of the group shall be S.A.V.V.Y Community Action Group, hereafter referred to as the Group.



The Group aims to work with young people, communities and other local partners to develop new and improved youth facilities in and around Saxmundham.



The objects of the Group shall be:

1 to consult and engage young people and their communities to identify needs

2 to develop new and improved facilities for young people and their communities in and around Saxmundham

3 to foster community spirit and develop civic pride.



In furtherance of the objects, but not otherwise, the Management Committee may exercise the power to:

a. Promote the health and wellbeing of the residents of the area and to work together as residents irrespective of age, sex, ethnicity, ability, religion or political view.

b. Promote environmental improvement and conservation by educating, encouraging and assisting the local population in environmental practice, working in partnership with similar groups and organisations.

c. Invite and receive contributions and raise funds where appropriate, to finance the work of the Group, and to open a bank account to manage such funds.

d. Publicise and promote the work of the Group and organise meetings, training courses, events or seminars etc.

e. Work with groups of a similar nature and exchange information, advice and knowledge with them, including cooperation with other voluntary bodies, charities, statutory and non-tatutory organisations.

f. Employ staff and volunteers (who shall not be members of the Management Committee) as are necessary to conduct activities to meet the objects.

g. Take any form of action that is lawful, which is necessary to achieve the objects of the Group.



a. Membership shall be open to anyone who has an interest in assisting the Group to achieve its aim and is willing to adhere to the rules of the Group.

b. Where it is considered membership would be detrimental to the aims and activities of the Group, the Management Committee shall have the power to refuse membership, or may terminate or suspend the membership of any member by resolution passed at a meeting. Members shall have the right to appeal via an independent adjudicator determined by mutual agreement of the management committee.

c. Any member of the association may resign his/her membership by providing the Secretary with written notice.



a. The Group shall be administered by a management committee of no less than four (4) people and no more than fifteen (15), who must be at least

18 years of age. Members will be elected for a period of up to one year, but may be re-elected at the Group’s AGM.

b. Young people under the age of 18 will be invited to attend committee meetings, to keep their ideas at the forefront of the meetings.



a. The Group shall have a committee consisting of:

The Chairperson

The Treasurer

The Secretary

and any other additional officers the Group deems necessary at the meeting required to carry out the required activities. Young people will shadow the three key roles as above, to develop

their learning and expertise.


a. The committee shall meet at least three times a year. Meetings shall enable the Group to discuss actions and monitor progress to date, and to consider future developments.

b. All members shall be given at least fourteen (14) days’ notice of when a meeting is due to take place, unless it is deemed as an emergency.

c. A minimum of four (4) committee members with at least two (2) officers must be present in order for a meeting to take place.

d. It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson to chair all meetings or a designated deputy in his/her absence. All meetings must be minuted and accessible to interested parties.

e. The AGM shall take place no later than three months after the end of the financial year. At least fourteen (14) days’ notice must be given before the meeting takes place.

f. All members are entitled to vote at the AGM. Voting shall be made by a show of hands on a majority basis. In the case of a tied vote, the Chair-person or an appointed deputy shall make the final decision.



a. Any money acquired by the Group, including donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by the Management Committee in the name of the Group. All funds must be applied to the objects of the Group and for no other purpose