Infrared Saunas fight Illness and Colds

Prepare your body for flu season by building up your immune system with repeated use of infrared sauna therapy.

What is a cold?

Cold or the common cold is a very common infection of nose and throat. Starting with a sore throat, it slowly develops into sneezing, runny or blocked nose, coughing and/or a headache. Sometimes these conditions couple with fever and body aches. Although these irritating conditions cause illness even in healthy persons, they normally will disappear within a few weeks. However, they continue to persist in those with weakened immune systems and lead to further respiratory disorders.

How can you combat cold and associated illness?

A cold with an accompanying fever and body aches are mainly due to a weakened immune system. Strengthening of the immune system increases the body’s resistance to the common cold. When you are free from colds, you will not have to worry about finding natural sleeping pills that work to take before going to bed.

How can Infrared Sauna Increase Body Resistance?

Infrared sauna uses infrared rays, which increase body temperatures to as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. These rays penetrate deep into body and create an artificial fever like situation but without any pain or illnesses. High temperatures kill germs, bacteria and viruses, which are mainly responsible for colds and associated infections and illness.

Infrared sauna use also increases the white blood cell count in blood, strengthening the immune system and developing a stiff resistance to infections. Some doctors also feel that artificial building up of body temperatures to a feverish pitch works as a therapy for terminal diseases like cancer.

Another important outcome of infrared sauna use is the formation of perspiration and elimination of toxins through sweat. First, perspiration is essential to cool body temperatures and regulate them to suit outside conditions. Second, it cleanses the body by throwing out waste materials. The kidney is the main excretory organ. Body wastes filter through kidneys and excrete out as urine. Normally, kidneys can filter around 2,000 liters of blood daily.

However, increasing toxic deposits in the body due to pollution and other factors has put pressure on kidneys. It is not able to clean blood and impurities sufficiently. Perspiration then helps kidneys by eliminating toxic substances. Heat of infrared sauna dissolves solid waste materials, which then come out as sweat. Excretion of waste materials purifies the body and activates the immune system to fight away cold and associated infections like flu.

Common Treatments for Cold and Illness

A common and effective treatment for colds is inhalation of steam with nasal decongestants like eucalyptus. When you read about the top rated infrared sauna reviews, you will realize the accessories help to heat the interior of your body while maintaining outside temperatures at comfortable ranges. Invisible infrared rays come out of infrared emitters at different locations within a sauna. These go deep into your body and clear infections by killing bacteria and germs.

Another treatment for common cold is through color bulb therapy of infrared sauna. Different color bulbs like orange and green offer protection from outside infections and strengthen immune system. Orange color bulb is effective against colds and bronchitis while green removes obstructions, heals fevers and inflammations, and is a good disinfectant against bacteria and germs.

An Australian woman with very low blood pressure levels found significant increases in blood pressure through regular usage of bulb sauna therapy. Her blood pressure levels were static at 80/60 for over two decades. They rose to 110/70 within ten weeks of bulb sauna therapy.

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